Book: Our Akita

Our Akita

One Dog - Two Faces

A Guide to the Origin of the Akita,
Owning, Breeding and Rearing

Book by Gabriela S. Richard

Aton Verlag, Unna - ISBN 978-3-9813278-2-3


“Akita once, Akita forever!” This certainly applies to us as well.

In this book, Gabriela S. Richard describes in detail the two faces of Akitas, whether it be through breed distinction or temperament. She explains to the reader in an easy to understand manner that these handsome, loyal and very intelligent companions also have a will of their own, that they are not one of the easiest dogs to train, and why conflicts can arise when they encounter other dogs.

The film “Hachiko – A Dog's Story" (released in autumn of 2009 and starring Richard Gere) is based on a true story and will likely increase the Akita’s popularity. With this book, the author was able to create compelling required reading material for Akita enthusiasts and beginners alike.

Daniela & Roger von Mentlen

To date, we have raised three wonderful litters with our dog Inchiki, who was bred by Gabi Richard. To give the puppies a successful start in life, we strive to provide new puppy owners with the best advice we can for their new family members.

What could be better than to give them a book written by a successful breeder, show judge and dog trainer, in which she shares her experiences of the Akita breed gathered over the years?

In this book, she thoroughly covers everything you need to know from training and breeding to feeding, such as “Why isn't my Akita eating its food?". For questions like this, you’ll get insight and knowledgeable answers from one of the biggest Akita lovers on the planet.

Of course, even those who don't own Akitas will glean information and tips that apply to their own breeds from this author, who has been involved with dogs since childhood.

Rorbas, Switzerland – Autumn 2009
Daniela & Roger von Mentlen,external linkAkita of Büt Yama (

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